EkosolFarm Worm Casting Fertilizer (Vermicompost)

EkosolFarm Worm Castings (EkosolFarm Worm Castings) is an Organic 100% Worm Casting Fertilizer (also known as vermicompost, worm fertilizer, vermicast) with Nutritious, Rooting, Strengthening, Yield Increasing and Earliness Providing Properties for all kinds of Vegetables, Fruit Gardens, All Field and Greenhouse Plants.

EkosolFarm Worm Castings Fertilizer

Worm Casting is an organic fertilizer that has been widely used in the cultivation of all kinds of fruits, vegetables, trees and plant species in the United States, Europe and many developed agricultural countries of the world for more than 90 years.

EkosolFarm Organic 100% Worm Fertilizer in solid and liquid form increases the yield, durability and quality of fruits, vegetables and all plants, while providing natural aroma and deliciousness and resistance to diseases in the roots and around the roots.

The natural secretions of worms contain 5 times more concentrated plant nutrients than the soil surrounding them.

In the digestive system of worms, there are many beneficial microorganisms for plants, nitrogen-fixing bacteria that enable the plant to obtain its vital need for nitrogen (N) from nature, phosphate bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, natural growth hormones, amino acids, and enzymes that will have an antibiotic effect.

These enzymes and concentrated plant nutrients that pass into the fertilizer ensure healthy and rapid development in plants.

In addition, they pass the immune-providing body fluids (Coelomic Fluid) found on the worms and in their digestive systems, which protect them against pathogens that have been in the soil for millions of years, into the fertilizer and provide resistance against pathogens in plant

What is Worm Castings Fertilizer? What does it do?

Due to its structure, Worm Casting is both a powerful plant nutrient and soil conditioner.
Solucan Gübresi

97% of the plant nutrients contained in Worm Casting, especially the basic plant nutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K), are in a form that can be directly absorbed by the plant.

It has been determined that the amount of usable nitrogen in Worm Casting in solid and liquid form is 5 times higher, the amount of potassium is 7 times higher, and the amount of calcium is 3 times higher.

Beneficial Microorganisms:

Since worms do not have teeth, they digest what they eat through microorganisms and enzymes.

During this breakdown, they also break down harmful bacteria, fungi, microorganisms that may cause infection, and weed seeds.

These beneficial microorganisms living in the intestinal flora of worms are also transferred to Worm Fertilizer.

While there are 1.7 x 108 beneficial bacteria in natural and fertile soils that have not been subjected to chemical and physical damage, it has been reported that there are 2.1 x 109 bacteria in the intestinal flora of worms. (Beneficial Microorganisms are neutral in liquid form and take on a new life form when they reach air and a humid environment)

Coelomic Fluid

Solucan Gübresi

More than 40 substances with cytolytic, mitogenic, proteolytic, agglutinant, hemolytic and antibacterial effects have been detected in the Coelom Fluid, which is defined as the digestive system and body fluid of worms.

These substances are important elements of antigen-binding proteins and lysozyme defense systems. (It provides resistance and protection against root, stem, leaf and fruit diseases in plants.)

Anti Microbial Structure

Vermicompost; It contains a unique antimicrobial peptide called “lumbricin I”.

Pseudomonas Putida, Erwinia Herbicola, Mycobacterium Liquefaciens, Staphylococcus gallinarum bacteria and sclerotinia sclerotinia sclerotium, aspergilus fumigatus, aspergilus fumigatus Enicillium brevicompactum, verticillium, fusarim oxysporum and Aspergillus niger fungi have a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect against harmful microorganisms such as Pythium and Rhizoctonia, which are soil-borne disease agents, and exhibit a suppressive attitude against the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

Enzyme Content:

There are active enzymes amylase, chitinase, cellulase, xylenase, cellobiase, endoglucanase, acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase and nitrate reductase in the intestines of worms.

As it is known, enzymes are loaded with protein, they meet the energy needs of the plant, and at the same time, since they have a catalytic effect, they accelerate the existing bio effects and therefore accelerate the growth of plant roots, stems and fruits.

pH Regulator

The pH regulation characteristic of 100% worm compost produced with correct processes is provided by the enzymes listed above.

It has positive effects on plant resistance by playing an active role in antibiotic synthesis.

Chitinase enzyme:

Chitinase enzyme found in the digestive system of worms; It fights effectively against these pests by breaking down the carbohydrate called chitin, which forms the fungal cell walls, is used by arthropods to build their exoskeletons, and is the main component of the mouthparts of arthropods.

In addition, since it breaks down the chitin substance found in the shell structure of insects, insects that sense this substance can create a kind of biological control method by repelling insects, especially in plants where the liquid form of Worm Casting is applied to the leaves.

Salicylic acid

It is known as very important defensive chemicals of plants. While the greenish chlorogegen cells around the intestine of the worms synthesize and store glycogen, they synthesize urea, fat and salicylic acid.

This substance passes through the digestive system of 100% Worm Castings and provides natural resistance to the plant in the soil where it is applied.

Organic Carbon:

It contains high amounts of organic carbon due to the food given to the worms and its organic structure.

Organic Carbon increases soil fertility and allows carbon from the air to be stored in the soil.

Frequent tillage caused 50% carbon loss. The hydrosyl within the organic carbon chain in vermicompost neutralizes the sodium and chlorine elements of hydrogen by chelating them and prevents their passage to the plant.

Therefore, it reduces the salt effect on agricultural lands with high salinity.


Quality and Efficiency with EkosolFarm Worm Casting

EkosolFarm Organic 100% Worm Casting can be used on all plants. Increase in quality and quantity of product provides earliness. In order to get a quality, abundant and resistant product, the root must first be healthy.

EkosolFarm Organic Worm Fertilizer;
It increases and strengthens the plant’s root, that is, vegetative organ development, and provides resistance to diseases.
Due to the suppressive effect of the enzymes contained in EkosolFarm Worm Casting against pests, an increase in beneficial bacteria and microorganisms is observed in the soil.
It improves the texture of the soil as it increases the organic matter content of the soil.
It makes plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium soluble in the soil and facilitates their uptake by the plant.
It increases the water retention capacity of the soil, stays in the soil for a long time and continues to nourish it. This means that our farmers will need to use less fertilizer.

As a result of all these, this fertilizer, which provides quality products, earliness, real aroma, durability, resistance, root development, health and resistance in the soil, has deserved this name as the new age fertilizer due to these features.

Production in agriculture is changing thanks to Worm Fertilizer, which provides high efficiency in narrow areas all over the world.

Benefits of Worm Casting

  • It is applied indiscriminately in all types of agricultural cultures.
  • It provides plant resistance, rapid growth and development, and earliness in the crop.
  • It increases the amount of Organic Matter in the soil.
  • Provides increased efficiency.
  • It provides resistance to plants and roots against frost.
  • It accelerates root development in the plant.
  • It increases fringe. It makes the root strong.
  • Thanks to the Coelomic Liquid, which worms secrete to protect themselves and pass into the fertilizer, the plant provides resistance against root diseases.
  • The numerous microorganisms found in the digestive system of worms compete with harmful bacteria in the soil and eliminate their harmful effects.
  • Increases the plant’s resistance to diseases.
  • The plant nutrients, macro and micro elements it contains dissolve slowly in water, ensuring that plants are nourished for a long time, and the need for fertilization decreases over time.
    Microorganism activity in the soil accelerates.
  • The water retention capacity of the soil increases. It minimizes water stress.
  • It regulates the pH of the soil. Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, etc., which cannot be used by the plant.
  • It makes plant nutrients soluble in the soil, making them easier to absorb by the plant.
  • It does not contain weed seeds.
  • It ensures that products with 100% real deliciousness, taste and aroma are grown.
  • It provides the reclamation of exhausted soils, especially those polluted with chemicals, which have lost their strength and vitality. In this way, the need to use chemical fertilizers decreases over time.
    Just as it binds the particles of acidic and sandy soils to each other, it also increases the porous structure by loosening the particle bonding in heavy clay soils.
    It gives the soil a more suitable structure for plant growth.
    It is organic. It is organic and non-toxic. There are no nitrate residues in plants grown with this fertilizer. It is odorless. It does not pollute water, air and soil.
    It does not contain any other additives.

EkosolFarm Worm Castings Fertilizer Products​

Solucan Gübresi Ekosolfarm 10 kg

EkosolFarm Organic Worm Fertilizer

Solid Form (Granular)

The fertilizer produced by Ekosol Tarım under the brand EkosolFarm is 100% Worm Castings.

It is 100% Worm Fertilizer, in which 100% of the food given to Eisenia Foetida Red California Worms passes through the digestive system of the worms, is directly excreted, and does not contain any substance that has not passed through the digestive system.

10 kg and 25 kg. It is offered for sale in sack packages.

EkosolFarm Organic Liquid Worm Fertilizer

EkosolFarm Liquid Worm Fertilizer produced by Ekosol Farming Co. under the brand EkosolFarm Liquid Worm Fertilizer;
It is a concentrated fertilizer with a long shelf life, where packaged ready-to-sell EkosolFarm Granular / Solid 100% Worm Casting is liquefied by re-processing in the liquid production integrated facility and the pH level is balanced to keep the bacteria dormant.

Produced to be suitable for use in all kinds of irrigation systems, EkosolFarm Liquid Worm Fertilizer is offered for sale in 1 Liter / 5 Liter / 10 Liter and 20 Liter special clamshell packages.


Solucan Gübresi Tesisi

Ekosol Agriculture and Livestock Industry. Tic. Inc. In Turkey, Eisenia Foetida Red California Worms and T.R. It is the first organization to produce 100% Organic Worm Casting with a production permit from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and an Organic Certificate.

Ekosol Agriculture and Livestock Inc., which has been producing only Organic Vermicompost since its establishment in 2003, is Turkey’s largest company in the production of Vermicompost with the number and production capacity of Eisenia Foetida Red California Worm.

Within the framework of the EkosolFarm Organic 100% Worm Casting production model, which is based on the principle of continuity in production, every product produced since 2005 has constant content values.

In this way, Turkish farmers can achieve the same strong effect in all periods when they use EkosolFarm Organic 100% Worm Fertilizer®.

Turkey’s First Worm Casting EkosolFarm

EkosolFarm Organic 100% Granulated Worm Castings and EkosolFarm Organic 100% Liquid Worm Fertilizer products
all R&D studies were completed with Ekosol Tarım A.Ş.’s own engineers and consultant academicians, and T.R.

It is Turkey’s first Organic Worm Castings fertilizer whose conformity has been approved within the framework of the regulation on the principles of Organic Agriculture by the Ceres Control and Certification Organization authorized by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

EkosolFarm Organic 100% Worm Fertilizer, obtained from the feces of Red California Culture Worms, increases the productivity, durability and quality of vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants, adds natural aroma and deliciousness, and provides resistance to diseases in the roots and around the roots.

This is the Definition of Miracle!

Thanks to microorganisms, enzymes, plant nutrients, and Coelomic Fluid;
Enriches the soil with organic matter,
Regulating the pH balance and biological structure of the soil,
Improves physical structure
Thanks to Ekosolfarm Organic 100% Worm Castings fertilizer, resistant, quality products are obtained.

Solucan Gübresi EkosolFarm

Vermicompost Terms – Terminology

1) Worm Castings

Just as we directly call the burned feces of cattle fertilizer, we should call the substance excreted by the worm fertilizer.
Therefore, we should call the product that is directly excreted by the worm and does not contain any other decomposed additives, “Worm Casting”.

2) Vermicompost / Vermicompost

General compost mixture including worm castings. Worms cannot consume all the waste given to them in the system they are in.
For this reason, the end product obtained as a result of the consumption of other living creatures in the system is not only worm feces, but also contains other decomposed substances.
Therefore, the fertilizer obtained by this method of production should be called vermicompost, worm compost or vermicompost. Verm-: coming from a worm; -compost: It is used in the sense of coming from decomposed materials other than worms; Therefore, the substance in which the two are found together is called vermi-compost.

3) Liquid Worm Fertilizer

This product is a fixed-content product that is obtained using various technologies and has a long shelf life, and if obtained with the right techniques, contains mostly all the nutrients necessary for plants.
It may be more expensive than solid fertilizer due to the difficulty and scarcity of production techniques and product availability.
This liquid fertilizer is obtained by producing good quality solid worm manure in integrated facilities with the help of technology. It has a longer shelf life, probably because it contains various preservatives to keep the bacteria in the content dormant.

4) Vermicompost Tea

This concept covers the liquid fertilizer obtained from product no. 2, which is provided by immersing the humus in water and aerating it.
Since this tea contains pure worm manure as well as substances that have been decomposed by other living things and even those that have not yet been fully decomposed, the resulting product should be used immediately.
It doesn’t last very long. It is a product that should be used more carefully.

5) Leachate/Leachate

This is the most discussed and confused definition. Some refer to the water that drains from the system during vermicompost production (leachate: leachate) as liquid fertilizer. However, this is wrong.
The name of this product is leachate. It also contains various dangers.
For example, it not only contains the coelomic fluid of worms and the nutrient fluid drained from vermicompost, but also the fluid from waste that has not yet been composted. This means that a uniform product cannot be obtained, and since the liquid from undecomposed waste is crude, it may also contain harmful bacteria.
It is a product that should be used with caution. It may last longer in a closed container if it has been adequately ventilated beforehand.

6) Wormwash / Vermiwash

This product is a liquid fertilizer produced with a similar technique to vermicompost tea, but it is a different product.
This product is based on obtaining the coelomic fluid of worms rather than beneficial nutrients.
In practice, it is mostly used as a foliar fertilizer and as a suppressant of plant diseases. This technique is generally the least used and least known technique. Since there is no ventilation as in the production of vermicompost tea, the resulting product has a longer shelf life. It is safer to use.

What is 100% Worm Casting?

Two Types of Fertilizer are Produced from Miraculous Worms;

1- Worm Castings Fertilizer/ 100% Worm Castings

It can also be defined as 100% Worm Casting. Just as we call the feces of cattle directly as fertilizer, the substance excreted by the worm is also called manure.

The product in which 100% of the food given to the worms passes through the digestive system of the worms, is directly excreted, and does not contain any substance that has not passed through the digestive system, is called 100% Worm Castings.

2- Worm Humus / Vermicompost / Worm Humus

Depending on the time the worms and food stay together, it is a compost mixture that also includes worm manure, but 100% of the food given to the worms contains other decomposed and undecomposed substances that have not passed through the digestive system of the worms.

Therefore, the final product obtained is not only worm feces, but also contains 40% – 60% of food or cattle feces that have not passed through the digestive system of the worms, depending on the production time. For these reasons, this product is called vermicompost, worm compost or vermicompost.

Verm: Coming from a worm; Compost: It is used in the sense of coming from decomposed materials other than worms. For this reason, this substance, which contains both, is called vermi-compost.
In recent years, the majority of those doing worm composting business have been producing vermicompost using cheap techniques.

For Detailed Information:

Which Worm Casting Should Be Purchased?

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EkosolFarm Solucan Gübresi® / EkosolFarm Sıvı Solucan Gübresi® 

Registration and license certificate has been issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest within the scope of the regulation on organic, mineral and microbial-based fertilizers used in agriculture, published in the official gazette dated 23.02.2018 and numbered 30341. License Number: 1304 Registration Number: 11216

Tarım ve Orman Bakanlığı Solucan Gübresi

EkosolFarm Solucan Gübresi®  / EkosolFarm Sıvı Solucan Gübresi®  (EkosolFarm Liquid Worm Fertilizer®) Ekosol Agriculture and Livestock Industry. Tic. Inc. by T.R. It is produced in accordance with the Regulation on Animal By-Products Not Used for Human Consumption No. 28152 dated 24.12.2011 by the General Directorate of Food and Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Work Permit Number: TR-45-OG-002

Ceres GmbH Certification

EkosolFarm Liquid Worm Fertilizer® / EkosolFarm Granule Worm Castings®
CERES GmbH confirms that EkosolFarm® Worm Castings Fertilizer can be used in organic farming according the following standarts. REG. (EC) 889/2008 (ANNEX I) .NOP (§205.105)

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